We are currently living a progressive deterioriation of education: its image, its legacy, resources that make it possible. That’s why we need to work together and contribute in a direct and constructive way to the social debate about the future of education. By acknowledging the educational legacy present at schools, high schools, universities, vocational education centres, companies, etc. will, not only capitalize the knowledge of good practices in innovation and educational leadership, but also make visible the labour of those professionals who are currently transforming the world from projects, proposals, innovative educational practices addressed to school, social and professional success.

Because of all these, from Florida Universitària, in the framework of the European project IT-CLEX, we invite you to the International Conference: Good and new practices in innovation and educational leadership “Cooperating for school, social and professional success”, which will be held on the 24th and 25th of September in Catarroja (Valencia – Spain).

The conference’s objective is the exchange of good practices and innovative experiences and invites us to think about the strengths and opportunities of the training systems and its transitions. It is addressed to the educational actors from all fields: teaching professionals, technician personnel in Social Services or in Educational Services, teaching for unemployed people, Human Resources personnel in companies… We think it is essential to go beyond the school field, as we are aware of the need of recognizing new spaces for learning and teaching.

In this conference, we aim at creating a meeting space for reflection on the state of education, bringing models, methodological proposals and resources addressed to achieve school, social and professional success for youngsters and adults. This conference will be a meeting point between different professionals related to the education field, from Universities – Schools – Companies – Social Services.